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Susan Owen

Owen, Susan  (Her husband, and ALL 6 of his brothers served in the 62nd North Carolina Regiment)
Birth: 1834 N.C.
Death: 1863 Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Female


                 Father: Owen, John W.
                 Mother: Parker, Lavinia  


McCall, Jehue Chastain (Served in the 62nd North Carolina Regiment, with ALL his brothers, McCall, William M. , McCall, John , Jr., McCall, Andrew Jackson , McCall, Tyra , McCall, Hansel , and McCall, Jason Coleman )

     McCall, Jehue Chastain 
2 OCT 1836 N.C.
     Death: 1913 Transylvania Co, N.C.
     Gender: Male


                          Father: McCall, John , Sr.
                          Mother: Glazner, Elizabeth


McCall, Nancy Adeline
McCall, Mary M. (Married her first cousin, McCall, Harvey Sylvanis
He is the son of McCall, William M. the brother of her father, McCall, Jehue Chastain) 
McCall, James R.
Birth: 1863 Transylvania Co, N.C.
Gender: Male


P.O.W Camp Douglas Death of the 62nd N.C. REGT.
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McCalls that died at Camp Douglas P.O.W Camp
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